“Shark Scramble Experience! Diving Package Tour”


Hello, everyone! For those enchanted by the mysteries of the sea, we propose a special diving experience that will become a lifelong memory. What we’re introducing today is not just any diving tour. It’s an adventure called “Shark Scramble,” where you will face the ocean’s ruler, the shark, and feel its overwhelming presence firsthand.

Swimming with sharks is the ultimate dream for many divers. Their powerful appearance and elegant swimming are truly natural wonders. In the Shark Scramble, you can observe these amazing creatures up close and experience a part of the ocean’s ecosystem. Why not join us on this exciting adventure?

Tour Details

  • Date: Your preferred date (An additional 20,000 yen applies on weekends and public holidays)
  • Meeting Point: Entrance of the accommodation

This tour offers you the opportunity to enjoy both a beautiful underwater world of diving and a comfortable time at a hotel. It’s a complete package, encompassing everything from your hotel to the sea and back again.

Package Tour Costs

  • Basic Participation Fee: 50,000 yen (Plus 20,000 yen on weekends and public holidays)
  • Additional Fee: 15,000 yen (Varies depending on the number of participants)
  • Included in the Fee:
    • Diving participation fee
    • Rental equipment
    • Boat boarding fee
    • Insurance
    • Facility usage fee
    • Round-trip transportation from the accommodation
  • Not Included in the Fee:
    • Lunch expenses
    • Other personal expenses

Special Experience: Shark Scramble

The highlight of this tour is the “Shark Scramble,” a diving experience with sharks. You can feel the ecosystem of the sea up close and create unforgettable memories.

Reservations and Inquiries

If you are interested, please contact Izu Kogen Diving School Shibuya or reach out to us via our official LINE account. Space is limited, so we recommend booking early.

Additional Notes

  • Please Note: This tour is presented using a translation tool for ease of understanding.
  • Diving License Requirement: Participation in this tour is exclusively for those who hold a valid diving license.
  • More About Shark Scramble: For detailed information about the Shark Scramble experience, please visit our blog [https://miyagino.biz/shibuya/archives/news/ultimateshark].



  • 日程:ご希望の日付(土日祝日は基本料金にプラス2万円が適用されます)
  • 集合場所:宿泊先の玄関



  • 基本参加費:50,000円(土日祝日はプラス2万円)
  • 追加費用:15,000円(参加人数に応じて変動)


  • ダイビング参加費
  • レンタル器材
  • ボート乗船料
  • 保険
  • 施設使用料
  • 宿泊先からの往復交通費


  • 昼食代
  • その他個人でかかる費用