Scuba diving in Japan is “Izu” in Shizuoka prefecture



I live in Japan.

It is “Tomoki Sato” who is doing a scuba diving shop.

It is a shop owner at CMAS examiner.

The diving experience is about 10,000 dives in 20 years.



This time we will guide you about “Izu” in Japan that we are dancing as a home.

“Izu” in Japan is in Shizuoka prefecture where Mt. Fuji is located.

It is around 2 hours by train from Tokyo. You can come by train from “Haneda Airport” to “Izukogen Station”.


Suddenly, Izu has delicious sushi.

“Tsukiji” is famous in Japan, but “Tsukiji” can not take fish.

The fish which I took with “Izu” is sold “Tsukiji”.

The fish we got in the morning will be sushi in the daytime.

In Japan we call it “asadore”. I can eat fresh sushi very much.

“asadore” fish can not be eaten in Tokyo.

Because Tokyo is over 150 km from “Izu”, it takes time to carry.

When I came to scuba diving for “Izu” please look forward to “freshly baked” sushi.


I talked about the pleasure of scuba diving that Izuki of Japan can do though the talk shifted.

What kind of scuba diving do you like?

Do you want to see plenty of beautiful fish?
Do you like sea turtles?
Do you want to scuba diving in the underwater cave?
Do you want to see a wreck?
Do you want to enjoy scuba diving with points with beautiful facilities?
Do you want to observe fish egg laying?
Do you want scuba diving at the sea where there are plenty of soft corals?
All you can do is “Izu”.


There are many diving points in Japan.

“Izu” has more than 20 diving sites, and there are over 100 diving points.

Choose points according to your favorite scuba diving style.


· If you want to see a beautiful ocean “Izu Marine Park” – IOP –

If you are a diver in Japan it is a famous diving site that everyone knows.

A beautiful facility boasts one of the world’s largest scale.

A 50 m pool for classes and a water depth of 4 m pool

There are more than 300 relaxing rooms, tables and chairs.

There is also a changing room and a shower. There is also a “bath”.

This “bath” puts more than 30 people at the same time. You can enter while wearing a wet suit.


Although entry method is only for beach diving, underwater terrain such as boat diving and

There is a topography that falls to depth of 70 m immediately offshore. You can see a lot of fish in the top class in Japan.

There are many idol fish at Izu Marine Park.


Although it is not fed, it is very friendly and approaches the diver. I am afraid of my face, but divers are not attacked because I use shellfish as my staple food. It is a safe fish.

“Gold flounder”

In Japanese kanji culture it is a power spot where money luck rises as it is translated as gold = money. If you set 2 shot photos as the standby screen of smartphone or set to the top screen of SNS, it seems that money luck will go up.

The color of the body is lost in albino and it looks like gold. It seems that it will be born with the establishment of one in 100,000 roles.


In Japan, there is no diving site that you can always see outside the Izu Marine Park.

That rare “goldfish” is two in the Izu Marine Park. I really want to see it.

As habitat is close to entry, anyone can see divers.

It is winter that gold can be seen beautifully although it can be seen throughout the year. Summer turns black for some reason.

· Spawning of fish is amazing

In the diving point “Futoto” next to the Izu Marine Park, you can observe the egg laying of “AOLIICA”.

It is a big squid with a length of about 80 cm.

From the end of May to July you can observe the spawning of “AOLIICA”.

I do not care about divers because I am crazy about laying eggs.

You can observe slowly if you do not approach too much.

Male is big and female is small.

A female may sometimes meet with more than one male.

There is Zuruios who steals partner’s eyes and gives her female gene.

Spawning eggs of “AOLIICA” is exciting.

Time passes in no time.

Please be careful of the amount of air.

· A large sunken ship (about 50 m) can be seen “Atami”

“Atami” is 50 minutes from Tokyo.

It is very close.

A big ship is sinking in “Atami”.


That wreck diving point.

The recommended time is in winter.

Because in winter the transparency will be good and you will be able to observe the whole view of the big sunken ship.

It’s between 25 meters and 40 meters so you can easily go to see.

It is also attractive from the harbor as close as 10 minutes.

I do not have to worry about seasickness.

Entering the wreck is accompanied by danger. Please look from the outside.

You can also see many fish living in wrecks.

If you are training a diver you will be able to enter the ship.

Exciting scuba diving can be enjoyed.


· There are plenty of points where many sea boars can be seen.

“Ukishima” is famous for its sea bream.


“Ukishima” is in Nishiizu. I am going by car because the train does not pass.

If you make a request to the diving shop in Tokyo you will be taken.

But the sea squirt specialist is at the diving point of “Ukishima”.

Let ‘s ask the specialist for a guide.

Turtles are very difficult to find very hard.

So let’s see it as a professional guide.

I also went to a point with many sea lions.

More than 20 kinds of sea squirrels could be observed with 1 dive.

Pretty colorful and beautiful sea breams are very good for taking pictures.

There is not enough time. You can have fun diving.


· I want to diving in a cave

Diving in “kumomi” is exciting.

It is the diving site of Izu’s best underwater cave.

“Miyakojima” of “Okinawa” Although it is a very good underwater cave diving site, I must fly from Tokyo.

When a diver in Tokyo wants to dive in the underwater cave, I aim for the cloud seeing.

The inside of the cave is narrow, and you have to dive well so as not to hit the rock.

Underwater light is also necessary. Let’s get ready.

Dive in an underwater cave is risky. Let’s ask the local specialist for a guide.

You can turn around the underwater cave efficiently.


What kind of scuba diving would you like to dive in “Izu” in Japan this time?

I have taken this as a theme.

Scuba diving of Izu is very pleasant.

Everyone please add scuba diving to the trip of Japan, too.


There is also such an event on the after dive It is a beautiful event that decorated a lot of LEDs.


Scuba diving in Japan is “Izu” in Shizuoka prefecture


The most popular spot in Japan’s most scuba diving is Izu Japan’s web site introducing scuba diving points and charm of Japan. Japanese scuba diving is also unique and exciting


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